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What's PeaceBox?

 Theme of the Year: LIGHT

Although the pandemic has come to an end, the overall environment of Hong Kong still needs to be rebuilt. Many people still face difficulties and even lack the necessities of life. The changing economic climate has also left many people unemployed and looking for a way to start over. Your donation is a blessing that can encourage a person in need to continue to move forward.

The PeaceBox Campaign began in 2014 with a small box that spreads blessings throughout the city.

2023 PeaceBox has completed with over 14,000 PeaceBox hand delivered to the under-privilege families!  Our PeaceBox stacking event had been great with raising awareness to caring for the needy too.  We look forward to your contribution in 2024!

​Join PeaceBox NOW!

Bless the underprivileged communities

with supplies and blessing

History of PeaceBox

A small box can carry your blessing and spread across the city!

Ten years ago, a group of kind-hearted people from the church, business and charity sectors started a campaign called “PeaceBox”, encouraging compassionate citizens to share gifts in Easter, a season of hope.

Since 2014, over 25,000 volunteers stacked up 100,000 blessing-filled gift boxes as a huge exhibit to demonstrate hope.  And through home visits and various activities, the gifts are shared to underprivileged families, singleton elderly and other communities in need.  Throughout the years, the number of people donating, accepting and participating in PeaceBox campaign has been increasing, and the participants now accumulated to over 300,000.


A little box is a vehicle of big love.  

Welcome to join the PeaceBox campaign and deliver your blessings around the city.


Easter is always the best time to

SHARE and deliver PEACE and HOPE!

Our Mission

Encourage people to give gifts each year on Easter. Give gifts to people in need such as underprivileged  families and singleton elderly people through home visits and different activities.

Our Mission

Our Vision

PeaceBox hopes that by encouraging Hong Kong people to donate gifts to the underprivileged community, blessings and love will reach those in need.

A small donation might looks insignificant,

But in ALTOGETHER, we can make a BIG difference  in the community!

Join PeaceBox NOW and spread your

LOVE and BLESSINGS to the city we love!

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