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2019 PeaceBox

The volunteers who worked all day long to create the word PEACE with gifts from donors at City University were really touching!

"PeaceBox Blessing Campaign" is in its 6th year!

Since 2014, more than 20,000 volunteers have worked together to stack 45,000 gift boxes with blessings into a large display of hope at the celebration, and then share the gifts with grassroots families, single elderly people and other needy people through home visits and various activities. More than 200,000 people have donated, received and participated in the program.

The PeaceBox logo has a bit of green overlapping the two shoe prints. What is the new element?

In addition to the campaign's main colors of blue and yellow, the new green color represents the new addition of tracking and counting "carbon footprints" and "kind footprints" for the 2019 "PeaceBox Blessing Campaign", in order to achieve the environmental goal of carbon reduction and enhance the effect of good deeds.

PeaceBox 2019 Celebration

With the participation of more than 400 beneficiary friends and more than 100 volunteers, the event was happily completed under wonderfully good weather.

It's not over yet! Volunteers will start to hand deliver gifts of PeaceBox to the beneficiaries through visits on Easter, which is the last highlight of this year's PeaceBox Event.

PeaceBox 2019's last hit: Planting trees to reduce carbon emissions !

In support of the event's carbon reduction goal, we reused and collected the old printing boxes to minimize the use of paper, and our volunteers planted 120 saplings. We hope the saplings will grow up soon!

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