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PeaceBox 2022 (Phase 1)

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

[Gather Blessings 🎁, We can Dream too! ✨]

PeaceBox Campaign 2022 - Gather Blessings - Online Donation

In 2022, the panedmic had bring great changes and difficulties to the people of Hong Kong, especially for the underprivilleges. The theme of this year's PeaceBox is "Gather Blessings, We can Dream too!". Although we are all physically and mentally exhausted from living under the panedmic, we believe that if we can bring hope and dream into our life, we will be strengthen to face the unknown challenges during the pandemic.

In response to the pandemic situation, we will collect supplies in two phases this year. The first phase will be from February 21 to March 31, 2022, and we hope that you can donate online for prepack supplies package 🎁 and we will have them delivered to the underprivilleges in need by our "Peace Couriers" as soon as possible 💁🏻️. This not only help them feeling being cared and hopeful, it can also promote the spirit of helping hands and love to the community, so that people can face the challenges of the pandemic with hope.

The second phase of physical supplies donation will be announced at a later date depending on pandemic status.


PeaceBox Campaign 2022 - Phase 1 (February 21 - March 31, 2022)

You can participate in our campaign by :

Donate online: Go to: to order PeaceBox prepack supplies packages, which will be distributed to the underprivilleges in need through the church and NGO network.


2022 PeaceBox Campaign

For more information, please visit the official website:

You can also contact us directly at:

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